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Welcome to the Lab for Research in Quantitative and Applied Statistical Psychology (LIQAS), Department of Psychology, University of Manitoba, Canada.

As a quantitative researcher and applied statistician, I am interested in proposing and developing advanced statistical analyses in experimental, behavioural and social sciences. To date, I am active in advancing numerous experimental, behavioural, and social statistics, including nonparametric and robust statistics, resampling methods (e.g., bootstrapping), statistics corrected for range restriction or censored data, meta-analysis, mediation/moderation analyses, and cognitive diagnostic modeling.

To better disseminate quantitative and statistical methods, I am interested in enhancing knowledge transfer of sophisticated statistical analysis in behavioral and social sciences, with the goal to enhance researchers and practitioners’ experience in data analysis. For example, I am active in developing graphical user interface (GUI) applications so that users can easily conduct analysis without worrying about any computer syntax or code. For example, users only need to browse a website, upload data online, use the point-and-click method, and obtain statistical results through a statistical server. We have developed and are testing a number of these packages or applications (e.g., reliability, effect size, meta-analysis), which will be available soon on the website.

Thank you,

Johnson Li, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Department of Psychology
University of Manitoba

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